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Are you ready to be part of a remarkable journey to collect and preserve lesser-known oral traditions, folk tales, and songs from around our communities? If you have a deep passion for cultural heritage and a love for storytelling, we have an exciting chance for you!

The LoreKeepers is an innovative project that attempts to uncover, document, and celebrate the hidden gems of cultural heritage within our local communities. Under this initiative, anyone with a smartphone can collect folk tales and songs from their family or community and share with us for digital archiving.

We have already collected hundreds of such lores, and you can view those here:

What will you gain from this opportunity?

1.Cultural Preservation: You will be part of a dedicated team committed to capturing the fading echoes of our heritage and ensuring they are passed down through the generations. Your work will leave a lasting legacy that connects the past and the present.

2. Research and Documentation Skills: Sharpen your research and storytelling abilities by methodically gathering, documenting, and archiving these wonderful narratives.

3. Networking and Collaboration: Make connections with like-minded individuals who share your passion for culture and heritage. Engage with local communities and experts who can help you understand the different cultures of our diverse society.

4. Contribution to Academic and Public Discourse: Your findings will be shared through publications, exhibitions, and public events, allowing us to get a better understanding of our cultural diversity. This experience will not only boost your resume, but it will also broaden your academic knowledge.

To apply to be a volunteer/ intern, click below. For details reach out to us at

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