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Earthlore Music Festival: Season 1 at Kochi

28 May 2022

Earth sounds arrive at Kochi as Irular and Kattunaykkar take the stage.

A rare musical ensemble of tribal musicians all the way from Attappady and Wayanad – the two places of Kerala with the highest number of tribal population: That’s what people of Kochi got to witness at the two day ARPO Earthlore music fest in May, 2022.

Held at David Hall and Bolgatty Palace, the concert featured Kattunaykkar musicians of Wayanad-Kodagu border led by Mr Rameshan and Mr Raghu, and Irula musicians of Attappady led by Nanjiyamma and Mr Swaminathan. The two-day event started with a musical workshop at David Hall, Fort Kochi on the 28th afternoon.

The workshop, held with an aim of musical knowledge exchange, was attended by dozens of musical enthusiasts including several professional musicians. The tribal communities showcased their musical instruments, and interacted with the participants about their songs, rhythms and more. The event opened new windows of musical wisdom and participants engaged with rapt attention such as when Mr Kadan, the Cheeni pipe player from the Irula community explained the circular breathing technique he employs to play the instrument.

The following evening saw the Earthlore Musical concert that featured the stage performance of nearly 50 musicians at KTDC Bolgatty Palace. Along with the music of the two communities, folk music from northern Kerala was presented by Majeesh Karayad and group. Charu Hariharan and Srikanth Hariharan presented an interlude of popular music.

The event attended by hundreds of participants had everyone dancing by the end. It was also the occasion when the logo of the first season of Earthlore was unveiled and the music video ARPO produced by the Irular musicians was released.

Film music director Bijibal was the chief guest at the event. It was inaugurated by the CEO of Experion Technologies, Binu Jacob.

The Earthlore Music Festival was sponsored by Experion Technologies and supported by Kerala Tourism.

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