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Popularising traditional musical talents

How Vimalesh, a Dalit singer, started stage performances after a visit by LoreKeepers team

As a part of the Lorekeepers project, our team members encountered Vimalesh, a member of the Paraya community in his late 30s, who diligently preserves the traditional songs and tales of his community. Alongside his family members, he showcased the Thudippattukal songs that are sung during various ceremonies.

When we inquired why they had never shared these remarkable songs on a public stage, they expressed their belief that no one would be interested in listening to them. However, a few weeks later, LoreKeepers presented them with an opportunity to interact with students and perform their songs at the LoreKeepers camp, held in a nearby village at GHSS Naduvannur.

The performance came as a delightful surprise not only to the students but also to the locals who were unaware of the existence of such an incredible musical tradition within their own community. The experience on that stage instilled Vimalesh and his team with newfound confidence to showcase their music and pursue more opportunities on other stages.

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