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ARPO's "Mozhiaayiram" Celebrates 1,000 Collected Lores!

28 Jan 2024

ARPO's LoreKeepers Project reached a major milestone with "Mozhiaayiram," an event held in Calicut. This marked the collection of 1,000 lores in 2023, showcasing the project's dedication to preserving Kerala's oral traditions. The program honored contributors, unveiled a new book of folk songs.

The ARPO LoreKeepers Project, funded by the Faizal and Shabana Foundation, recently celebrated a significant achievement – collecting 1,000 lores throughout 2023. This milestone was marked by a festive " Mozhiaayiram " event held at the Krishna Menon Museum in Calicut on January 27th, 2024.

Honoring The Lorekeepers and Unveiling a New Book

The program paid tribute to the very foundation of the project – the preservers of our oral traditions. From children and educators to esteemed community elders, all those who contributed were recognized for their invaluable role. ARPO also proudly unveiled a book showcasing a selection of folk songs from the collected lores.

Enduring Significance of Oral Traditions Highlighted

The event was graced by esteemed guests, including Folklore Academy Secretary Ajay Kumar and artist, poet, and academician Dr. Soman Kadaloor. Both guests lauded ARPO's dedication and the unique approach of crowdsourcing and archiving songs on such a comprehensive scale. Dr. Kadaloor emphasized the importance of documenting and transmitting these oral traditions to prevent their disappearance with each generation. He compared this urgency to the extinction of diverse paddy varieties, highlighting how each song and lore carries an irreplaceable piece of history, culture, and traditional knowledge. Losing even one song signifies the loss of a vital part of our heritage. Dr. Kadaloor then launched ARPO's new book featuring a selection of collected lores.

Interactive Performances Conclude the Celebration

The program concluded with an engaging performance by renowned folkloric singer Majeesh Karyaad and his team. The performance fostered an interactive atmosphere, with audience members who had contributed songs joining in and sharing their pieces. This participatory spirit brought the celebration to a fitting close.

The success of the "Mozhiaayiram" event marks a significant milestone for the ARPO LoreKeepers Project. By prioritizing the preservation of our rich oral traditions, ARPO ensures that these invaluable stories and songs continue to resonate for generations to come.

Watch the video showcasing our first season with the project

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