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ARPO Lorekeepers Hold Workshop on Cultural Preservation at Tatwa Centre of Learning

20 Jun 2024

ARPO Lorekeepers, funded by Faizal and Shabana, recently conducted a workshop on cultural preservation at Tatwa Centre of Learning, a school known for its flexible approach to education. The workshop, held last Wednesday, aimed to instill in students the importance of safeguarding cultural heritage, oral traditions, and lesser-known art forms.

During the interactive session, students were introduced to various art forms specific to Kerala, with a special focus on Parichumutt, a local art form from Kochi. The workshop leaders, Sidharth A., project manager at ARPO Lorekeepers, and Fida Fathima, M.Ed. student at TISS, Delhi, emphasized the significance of learning from elders and preserving these time-honored traditions for future generations

"We are grateful to ARPO Lorekeepers for providing our students with this valuable learning experience," said a Tatwa Centre of Learning spokesperson. "Understanding and appreciating our culture is an essential part of education, and this workshop served as a great reminder of the importance of preserving our heritage."

The workshop went beyond just raising awareness. ARPO Lorekeepers equipped students with practical skills. They were taught how to leverage their smartphones for a positive purpose – digitally recording songs and stories from their grandparents. This approach encouraged students to move beyond the typical social media usage and engage in meaningful interactions with their elders, capturing their cultural knowledge for posterity.

As an intern at ARPO Lorekeepers, I had the opportunity to participate in this workshop," said Fida Fathima from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Delhi. "Equipping the students with the skills to record cultural treasures from their grandparents was a brilliant idea. This workshop is a great example of how technology can be used to bridge the gap between generations and ensure cultural preservation."

This initiative by ARPO Lorekeepers is a commendable effort to bridge the gap between generations and empower young people to become active participants in cultural preservation. By educating them and providing practical tools, ARPO Lorekeepers are ensuring the survival of Kerala's rich cultural heritage for years to come.

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