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Irular performance at Jyotirgamaya Fest in Delhi

22 Jun 2022

Tribal Musicians of Attapady take their first flight to a bigger stage at the Jyotirgamaya Fest 2022 held at New Delhi

Swaminathan, Murugan, Kadan and Kaliyappan – four musicians of the Irular tribal community of Attappady performed at the Jyotirgamaya Fest organised by the Kendra Sangeet Natak Akademy on June 22, 2022 at New Delhi. The fest featured 75 unsung musical talents from all across India as a part of the 75th anniversary of Indian independence, celebrated as the Azadi Ka Amrit Mhotsav. In their performance, held at the Academy’s Meghdooth Auditorium, the Irular showcased their traditional musical instruments ‘porai’, ‘davil’, ‘kogal’ and ‘jalra’ which are unique to their community. 

The four musicians were selected after the Akademy officials chanced upon the music performance videos produced by ARPO as part of its Earthlore initiative. The four were also part of the Earthlore music concert and workshop held in Kochi in May 2021.For their concert at Delhi, they were accompanied by ARPO Secretary Sruthin Lal as their artist manager.

“It was a new experience for us. Especially flight travel. It was the first time all four of us got on a flight. We can never forget this,” said Swaminathan, who leads the Azad Kala Sangham of Irula musicians of Agali, Attappadi.

“We deeply appreciate the way we were treated, and given respect at the event by the officials. We also felt the audience enjoyed our performance,” said Murugan.

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