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LoreKeepers Season 2: Heading South!

3 May 2024

Season 2 of ARPO's LoreKeepers explores South Kerala's traditions. After documenting Malabar, the project starts in Kochi & Fort Kochi, collecting songs & stories with ethical practices & a wider network. Stay tuned!

Building on the phenomenal success of its first season, the ARPO LoreKeepers Project sets sail for Season 2! After focusing on the rich oral traditions of the Malabar region, the project now turns its spotlight towards South Kerala.

"We've begun our journey in Kochi and Fort Kochi," says LoreKeepers Project Manager Sidharth Ajith. "These vibrant areas are brimming with songs, stories, and history waiting to be documented."

Strengthening Processes and Expanding Reach

Season 2 prioritizes meticulous documentation. The project team actively identifies communities willing to share their songs and traditions.  ARPO is introducing consent forms to ensure ethical and transparent practices this year.

To further enhance outreach, the project is recruiting zonal coordinators from various locations across Kerala. These individuals will be collecting lores from their localities.

Anticipation for a Richer Season

The Director of Research and Outreach, Parvathi Asok expresses optimism for Season 2, stating, "We are hoping for a much better season this year." With a focus on South Kerala, the introduction of consent forms, and the addition of zonal coordinators, the ARPO LoreKeepers Project anticipates a harvest even richer than the first season. Stay tuned for exciting updates as the project unfolds!

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