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ARPO releases Koothu Kondakkari, first music video from Earthlore Season 1

‘Koothu Kondakari’ is a traditional composition of the Irular community featuring the National award-winning singer Nanjiyamma along with Azad Kala Sangam. This song is very close to our heart for many reasons. This marks ARPO Earthlore’s inaugural collaboration with a group of rustic and gifted musicians who share an immense passion for music.

ARPO Earthlore is the first-of-its-kind initiative dedicated to the exploration, digital documentation, and unification of the diverse indigenous musicians of Kerala. Earthlore brings together indigenous musicians and young international musicians for a musical ensemble which takes the lores of the land across borders to a larger global audience. In the first season, Earthlore features the two indigenous communities of Kerala namely Irular and Kattunaykkar along with multi-percussionist and music producer Charu Hariharan, playback singer Sreekanth Hariharan, American multi-instrumentalist Julian Schoming and Kerala State Folklore Academy Award winner Majeesh Karayad.

Watch the video

Lyrics in Irula Bhasha and the meaning

Koothu kondakkari sinna doore Mama makalaami sinna meethe

Aasaivathu pasamvaithu Palaki nadantha kala kala

A young girl who elegantly carries her hair tied up in a knot, who is the daughter of my uncle. The one who wanders around carrying a lot of love and desire in her heart.

Lale lale lale lale lale lale lale lale Thille lelo thillelelo thille lelo thillelelo

Thekkatha pottethee nee ponaakee Thedippokuthe ennamanassu… [Thille lelo...]

If you go to the street on the South, my mind follows you in the same direction

Paathu paakkathe nee ponakee Ethu manassu ennakumo… [Lale...]

I ain’t know what might happen to me if you walk away without giving a glance

Kalakatha vettethee nee ponankkee kalanki pokuthe ennamanassu… [Lale...]

If you go to the street in the West, my mind would become distressed.

Vadakaththa vettenthee nee ponakee vaadi pokuthe enna manassu [Thille lelo...]

If you go to the street in the North, my mind would get depressed..


Lead vocal - Nanjiamma

Chorus - Kavita, Thangamani, Maruthi, Priya, Roja

Davil - Murugan

Pora - Swaminathan

Jalra - Kaliyappan

Music conceptualised and produced by Charu Hariharan and Sreekanth Hariharan

Live recording engineer - Vishnu Namboodiri

Assistant engineer - Aadi

Technical assistance - Varun John

Additional programming - Sreekanth Hariharan, Charu Hariharan

Percussions - Charu Hariharan

Guitar, Banjo and Ukulele - Julian Schoming

Percussions recorded by Sreekanth at Madras Music Productions, Chennai

Mixed and Mastered by Mani Ratnam at The Mystic’s Room, Chennai

Cinematographer - Shyam Subrahmoniam

Associate Cinematographer - Shamil Ibrahim

Colorist - Akhil Prakash

Editor - Sneha Angel

Director - Jeevan Ram

Production Coordinator - Parvathi AR

Executive Producer - Sruthin Lal

Supported by Experion Technologies



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