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The story of a sorcerer | Documentary on a Malaya Manthravadi

Rajan Panikker is a Sorcerer (Mandrikan) from Kozhikode (Kerala). In this video by Team Arpo, he explains the story of the Malaya community who are believed to be the original sorcerers gifted by the Hindu Gods. He talks about exorcism, the challenges of modern times and his belief that sorcery should go hand-in-hand with science.

Arpo Unexplained is a series that looks at supernatural practices that are still prevalent in Kerala. The opinions in the video belong strictly to the subject. They do not purport to reflect the views of Team Arpo. The objective of the video is to shed more light on these practices and make them more accessible for researchers. Arpo strives to make a free-for-all archive to enable better research and documentation of Kerala's diverse history and culture.

Video shot and edited by: Nevin Thomas, Sruthin Lal



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