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Interview with MGS Narayanan on how Keralites view history

Prof. M.G.S. Narayanan, an eminent Indian historian, academician, and political commentator, provides his perspective on the understanding and perception of history among Keralites. Prof. MGS is renowned for his magnum opus, "Perumals of Kerala," and is considered one of the most celebrated and significant historians that Kerala has ever produced. He has also authored "Cultural Symbiosis in Kerala," "Calicut: The City of Truth Revisited," and numerous other articles and publications. Prof. Narayanan has single-handedly undertaken meticulous research on the Perumals, providing authentic insights into the life of the Chera empire in Kerala.

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According to Prof. Keralites exhibit a dull attitude towards their own history, resulting in a lack of awareness among Malayalis about their past. He further asserts that history only recently gained significance as a subject of importance. The absence of an academic culture in Kerala has contributed to the existence of archaic mindset among Keralites. “What we need to do is to have a university, one is that not just for conducting exams, Like in the advanced countries, a place for discussions, debates, decisions. This shows that the academic culture of Kerala has not evolved. It should be gravely discussed.

He concludes the conversation with ARPO by stating that while we cannot write history completely devoid of politics, as historians, we should strive to minimize its interference.



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